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Paradise Handmade Soap Co.
"Made In Paradise, Cape Coral, Florida"
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Natural Handmade Soaps, Lotions,
Lip Balms,\ 
Sea Salt Scrubs, Soy Candles

Paradise Handmade Soaps are made the old fashion way.  We use high quality, food grade, extra virgin olive oil as our base for the soaps. We use high quality, organic and food grade oils like coconut, palm, palm kernel, vegetable, sunflower, apricot kernel, pomegranate, castor, and grape seed oils, organic cocoa and shea butters.  We also use popular additives like goats milk and local organic honey.

Our soaps are handmade in small batches by Karrie and Bill Troutt. We make our soap completely from scratch using both cold process and hot process methods. Paradise Handmade Soaps starts with raw natural ingredients using recipes we created and tested.

Paradise Handmade Soap recipes include essential oil and fragrance oil blends with herbal combinations using natural and non toxic colorants.  We research, hand select and weigh all of our ingredients to the precise gram for quality control. All of our soaps hand poured and hand cut by both of us giving our customers the best handmade soap ever.

Due to the handmade nature of our soaps, color and design will slightly vary and no two bars are quite the same; they are just as unique as our customers!

Quality is our number one priority and we use only the best ingredients in all of our products.  When possible we buy local, otherwise we try to buy within the state of Florida.  All of our products are made by Karrie and Bill Troutt, right here in Cape Coral, Southwest Florida.  We love it and call it Paradise.

Here is a list of ingredients we use in our soaps and other products and the benefit of adding these to our products.

Apricot Kernel Oil nourishes and restores dehydrated, delicate, mature or sensitive skin.

Castor Oil is used in all of our soaps and shampoo bars for the amount of bubbles it produces and acts as a conditioner as well.

Cocoa Butter comes from crushed seeds of the cacao tree, it produces a protective barrier to the skin.  Wonderful moisturizer and protects skin.  Naturally contains 5 IU of vitamin E per ounce.

Coconut Oil makes up the cleansing factor in our soaps it also adds large big fluffy bubbles, and it is a great moisturizer.

Goats milk is a natural moisturizer and is good for sensitive and mature skin.

Grape seed Oil is high in vitamin E and is 76% essential fatty acid, linoleic acid (Omega 6).

Local Organic Honey is a natural humectants meaning it pulls moisture to itself and retains it.  It also has antibacterial properties and leaves a micro thin protective film on the skin.

Olive Oil is used in about all of our soaps, from 35% up to 70% depending on the recipe.  This food grade oil is high in oleic acid and is a good skin cell regenerator.  Olive oil also attracts external moisture to the skin and still permits the skin to properly release sweat shed dead skin and release sebum.   Good for sensitive skin and make a mild bar of soap.

Palm Kernel Oil comes from the palms of African Palm Tree.  Palm Kernel Oil is another bubble booster. It helps to produce a hard, white and very smooth textured bar of soap.

Shea Butter is an ultra moisturizing butter.  It is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties and has natural antioxidants like vitamin A & E.

Sunflower Oil is loaded with A, C, D and E.  It's high in linoleic acid and has few saturated fatty acids. Good for all skin types.


Paradise Handmade Candles
are handmade soy candles. Our soy candles are made with all natural ingredients, cotton wicks and natural soy wax. We have found this vegetable wax to be the cleanest, longest lasting and best performing soy wax available for candles.  Each of our candles are handmade and may look identical but no two are alike.


Handcrafted vs. Commerical Soaps
Why Handcrafted Soap?


What's the Difference?

Commercial soaps are manufactured in large factories (often located overseas) staffed with anonymous employees, using the most economical ingredients. Often they contain some or all synthetic detergents; most have the glycerin removed. Handcrafted soaps are manufactured locally in small batches with the personal oversight and care of the soapmaker. Handcrafted soapmakers use high-quality ingredients and are able to add specialty oils and additives to personalize their formulations.

The creative artistry of each handcrafted soapmaker results in soaps that are different and unique, offering consumers a wide selection of soaps that are not only natural, but functional and beautiful as well.

The Truth About Handcrafted Soap

Also known as “handmade soap” or “homemade soap”, handcrafted soap is a blend of both science and art. By combining the scientific knowledge of the last 150 years and the artistic creativity of the soapmaker, each bar is safe, luxurious and unique. Handcrafted soap is soap in its true and most pure form.

Handcrafted soap can be made from scratch by the cold or hot process methods or by utilizing a pre-made soap base. The Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild recognizes any soap made by these methods to be handcrafted so long as at least 50% of the process is done by hand.

True soaps are the result of a chemical reaction between vegetable or animal fats, water and lye. When combined, they transform into soap and glycerin with no lye remaining in the soap. This reaction is called “saponification”, which literally means “the making of soap”. Handcrafted soapmakers generally pride themselves on the unique recipes that create their signature soaps.

Most handcrafted soapmakers use food-quality, natural ingredients, starting with a variety of vegetable oils such as olive, coconut, or palm, or they may use purified tallow or lard. To these might be added specialized oils, nut butters or seed extracts to bring the desired qualities to the finished bar.

Fragrance oils or plant-based essential oils are added for scent. For color or texture, soapmakers often use cosmetic-grade pigments or dyes, botanicals, herbs, spices or other natural ingredients. For those with sensitivities, many soapmakers also make “simple soap” with no additives or scent.

Besides all the wonderful ingredients that may be in handcrafted soap, perhaps the biggest advantage of handcrafted soap is in the soapmakers themselves, each of whom invests their care and attention to detail into every batch and bar.

When you use a bar of handcrafted soap, you know it was made with the personal touch of a local soapmaker.

What about Glycerin?

Glycerin is a “humectant”, which means that it attracts and retains moisture on your skin. It is like a natural skin lotion in the soap.

Glycerin is a natural by-product of the soapmaking process. Most commercial soap manufacturers remove the glycerin from the soap, process it and then sell it to other industries where it is used in foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other products.

With handcrafted soaps, glycerin remains intact in the soap. The end result is mild, pure soap that gently cleanses your skin without being harsh, irritating or drying.


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